Our Top Tips To Help You Stick To Your Home Yoga Practice

There are lots of reasons millions of people love to practice yoga at home. You can wear your PJs, save on the pricey class fees, choose your own playlists, skip the chair pose (if you know, you know) - the reasons are endless. But despite all of the wins, it can still be a challenge to stick to a regular home practice. From the struggle to stay accountable without a pre-booked class to attend or simply a lack of inspiration as to what to do when you actually get on your mat, we’ve been there. So whether you’ve heard about the benefits of yoga and are ready to give it a go, or have fallen out of routine with your home practice, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips to help respark your motivation and get on your mat. 

Set An Intention

Like with anything you set out to do in life, it’s important to look at why you want to do it. Figure out your why and set your intention. Perhaps you’d like to practice yoga to feel stronger? To form healthier routines? To work on your asana practice? To find a deeper connection to yourself? For your mental health and clarity? There are no rights or wrongs here, but what matters is yours. Intentions provide a framework to help you set priorities and work towards your goals. You can also return to your intention when your motivation dips, which is totally normal.  Having intrinsic reasons will help you to stay focussed on your goals, and ultimately stick to them. 

Stick to a Time

Figure out what time of day you prefer to practice and stick to it. Turning up to a booked studio class is non-negotiable as you're bound to a time or likely face a cancellation fee if you don’t make it.  Practicing at home leaves room for things to get in the way. Put a time in your diary and make it non-negotiable like you would with another appointment. Writing it down like you would a salon appointment or work meeting will give you accountability. 

Join a Yoga Challenge or Series

If your practice is feeling stale or stuck, join a challenge like A Month of Mindful Movement for a new hit of inspiration. Joining a yoga challenge can give you motivation, as well as introducing you to new teachers and practice styles. The added community of connecting with others in the program, or doing it alongside a friend will help you to stay on track. The Month of Mindful Movement challenge comes with a free calendar to help you track your progress.

Get Organised 

Decide ahead of time where at home you will practice and gather anything you need in advance. Your yoga mat, blocks, a yoga strap and water. When you're organised it's one less barrier in the way. Keep all of your yoga kit together, to save the need for last minute scrambling which can lead to distraction and procrastination. If you’re practicing first thing in the morning, have your mat and any props laid out the night before. 

Set the Scene 

This is your practice to enjoy. Set the scene to help take you out of your day and into your practice. Light a candle. Burn some incense or palo santo. Stick on your favourite playlist or select one of ours from Spotify. Turn down the lights. Do whatever it is that helps you transition from your daily life and into your practice. The ambiance of the studio scents and sounds often help us to shift our energy before we practice, so do the same at home. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Do not beat yourself up if life gets in the way. It happens. Just jump back in and take off the pressure. Every practice doesn’t have to be a 90 minute long session. Can you commit to 15 minutes? Often when you do, it turns into something more. You’ll reap the rewards of even the smallest of sessions. Any chance you have to check in with your mind and body can only be a good thing, no matter how long it lasts. So ditch the pressure of a given time frame. 

Mix It Up

Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to try a different style than you’re accustomed to. Often when our practice feels stale is because we’re going through the motions and moving habitually, rather than being  fully focussed in the present moment. Love vinyasa or power? Try something gentler like nidra or yin. Usually stick to restorative styles then put on a dynamic online class. Changing up your practice from time-to-time will prevent you from simply going through the motions in a habitual way. 

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