About Us | Fable Yoga - Ultimate Grip Tree-Planting Yoga Mats

 We Are Fable

We are Fable. Our name means a short story with a simple truth. We've learned lots of truths on our yoga journey and in the process discovered one of own - sleek high performance yoga mats don't need to come at a cost to the earth.

Your Practice, Your Story

We're not here to put in you a box. You're totally unique. In fact, you're one-of-a-kind. And so is your yoga practice.

We've created our eco-conscious yoga mats with YOU in mind. Which is why we've considered all those little details that we know will make a difference to your practice. Extra length and width for more space and superior grip for the ultimate support. Leaving you to focus, on well....you. 

We're on a mission to support you through every part  of your practice- the falls, the wiggles, the stillness and everything in between.   


We are Fable, and we're glad you're here
We believe in practice not perfection.
In downward dogging to ditch the drama. 
And slow flows that leave us feeling lighter. 
That pushing through planks will strengthen both our mind and body. 
And backbending can burn off the bad vibes. 
That toe-touching isn't all that important after all. 
Chilling in child's pose is sometimes all we need. 
That there's nothing to gain from comparing in class - because this journey is truly ours. 
Because there's more to yoga than looking pretty in pincha. 
That letting that sh*t go means moving forward.
 And making a date with your mat is an act of self-care. 
That yoga is for everybody. 
And that's what builds community.
It's truly transformational.
That's the yoga magic.
Because we know that in a world that rarely gives us permission to disconnect from technology, from our emails, from our bosses' demands, from our ever-growing to-do list, from the ups and downs, that ultimately if we don't take time to pause we become disconnected from ourselves. And feeling disconnected isn't the best place to be. Which is why we invite you to join our community. Our pack. A space to connect. To return to yourself. 
Created by yogis, for yogis. Our pro performance, sustainable yoga mats each have a story to tell. Step onto your mat and uncover yours.
Our studio mats have been crafted using biodegradable natural tree rubber for ultimate stability and cushion. The smooth upper is non-slip, offering the grippiest of grips even when the sweat is pouring and you’re begging for savasana.
It's important to us that you can chill out in child's pose confident our mats don't contain any nasties which is why you won't find PVC, toxic inks or glues in our products. 

There's enough consumer wastage on the planet, which is why don't order excessive amounts of stock or colourways. This allows us to be super-focussed and ensure we’re reacting and only order to what our customers dictate. Our mats are ordered in small quantities to help minimize wastage, and replenished according to demand. This means we can introduce new colourways and fresh designs in a more mindful way. While you may occasionally need to wait a little longer for re-stocking, we think it's a pretty worthwhile trade off to be kinder to our planet.
Our mats are both kind to body and the Earth and are created using natural tree rubber. This means that when you’re eventually done with your mat it will biodegrade, unlike mats containing PVC.