Yoga Gift Guide 2022: What To Buy The Yogi In Your Life from Fable Yoga

Not sure what to give the yoga lover in your life this Christmas? Let us help you with a breakdown of some of our key yoga props and products. From fussy fitness pros to home yoga practice lovers, we know the yogi in your life would be delighted to unwrap any of these Fable goodies this December. Oh, and don’t forget we plant a tree for each mat sold for additional feel good vibes all ‘round. 

For Home Practice

The 4mm Pro Mat, £69, ticks every box when it comes to home yoga or pilates practice. Crafted with both style and performance in mind, the 4mm design is the optimal thickness to offer support and stability while still finding connection with the ground in standing postures. The subtle dotted design doubles up as a handy alignmentment marking in warrior poses and the non-slip technology makes slipping and sliding a thing of the past. The only hard part is selecting their favourite colour.


For On The Move

Available in festive red and super sleek black, the 2mm commuter is our lightweight sister to the original pro. Lighter + thinner the commuter can be used alone or can be placed over a studio mat for additional hygiene measures. Designed with travel in mind, it unrolls out to a larger and wider mat than your average (just like the original 4mm pro).

 Supportive Stocking Fillers

Yoga props and accessories offer a host of benefits to find additional space and support during asana practice. From beginners to seasoned practitioners yoga props help us to discover postures in new and accessible ways. Fable Cork yoga blocks are naturally biodegradable, renewable and sustainable and can be used in countless ways during practice. Double up and add two blocks to the basket for £30 to save. Our extra long stretch strap, £12, helps yogas to move safely into multiple postures and with its extra long length is perfect for taller yogis. 

Make it Match

Help them to stay stylish (and ditch the single use plastic) en route to the studio with the Fable Keep Hot, Keep cold bottle. Created to keep hot drinks hot for upto 12 hours (herbal tea, check) and your cold drinks cold for upto 12 hours, stay coordinated with a black, blush pink or white stainless steel bottle to keep their hydration needs covered.