8 Stress-Busting Yoga Poses To Try This Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month - an annual initiative that reminds us to keep our stress levels in check and discover ways to improve feelings of wellbeing. Excess stress can wreak havoc on both of our mental and physical health - and in today's busy world, there are no shortage of stressors. 

While we can't avoid stress altogether, yoga is an excellent way to drop out of the over-thinking monkey mind and into the present moment. And when we can learn to be in the present, we can begin to find more peace and ease. 

We turned to Fable Yoga ambassador Esther Marie Yoga, to discover some of her favourite yoga postures to let go of tension and find calmness in mind and body.

So roll out your yoga mat and let's begin.

Take 5 -8 breaths per pose and side. You can do all or pick a few. 


1. Tree Pose

2. Downward dog to plank

3. Dynamic Warrior

4. Seated forward fold

5. Boat twists

6. Neck stretches

7. Zombie

8. Legs up the wall

Find Esther at @esthermarieyoga. Let us know if you give this sequence a try!