We're Pausing Our Website on Black Friday

Sorry no cheap yoga mats this weekend. We’re not Amazon + we don’t want to be. We can’t compete with them on price but they can’t compete with us on our values.

Our goal has never been to bring you the cheapest yoga mats. But it is to bring you the highest quality materials with a considered + kind approach across all areas of our business from production to packaging to pricing.⁠

There’s so much pressure around #BFCM. Pressure for small businesses to offer huge discounts that aren’t viable or sustainable, pressure on consumers to impulse buy stuff they don’t need (a recent report stated a jaw-dropping 80% of BFCM purchases ended up in landfill, along with the plastic packaging, eek!) ⁠

It’s enough to leave anyone feeling totally fatigued.

So we’re opting out of a day dreamed up by big biz to shift huge volumes of over inflated, overproduced stock that ultimately costs people + planet. ⁠

Truly, we hope you won’t be disappointed that there are no discounted yoga mats on our website this weekend. But we think if you’ve been following us for a little while you’ll totally understand. ⁠

If you’re feeling a bit frazzled by the frenzied emails, offers, sponsored posts and notifications - join us and take a screen-free day tomorrow and opt out too. Remember, you get to choose.

We’ll be putting our website on pause for the day and heading off to a yoga class. ⁠

If you were planning to purchase at full price anyway - we don’t want to cause any inconvenience so you can access the site tomorrow if needed with the password PLANNEDPURCHASE⁠

We’ll be switching shopping for savasana for longer-lasting feel good vibes instead ✌️