NHS Donation Based Yoga Class Schedule

We’d be in a mess, without our NHS.

We’ve joined forces with some awesome yoga teacher friends to bring you a series of yoga and meditation classes to raise cash for The ICU Society. We want to bring you some much needed headspace and raise money to support ICU Professionals who are caring for the sickest patients throughout (and beyond) the pandemic.

The pressure on intensive care staff is causing massive stress. Professionals, patients and relatives will suffer from poor mental health and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following COVID-19.

Your donations we will develop and fund:

  • Support for Intensive Care workers employed by the NHS
  • Help for their mental health
  • Distribution of morale-boosting wellbeing packages, including food, snacks and essentials, to Intensive Care Units.
  • Support for patients who survive and for relatives of whose we cannot save.
  • Patient information leaflets, the ICU environment and public benefit.

We’ve put together a schedule of incredible teachers offering a range of sessions suitable for everyone. 

Just make a donation before or after the session (no matter how big or small) directly to the Just Giving Page.

icu charity donation classes

Class Schedule:  

Monday 4th May  –  6pm

Evening Guided Meditation with @sunshine.yoga.and.fitness

Tuesday 5th May  – 10am

Yoga Flow with @dannifinch / @yogawithdannifinch

Wednesday 6th May -  8am

Yoga with @clarebethanyoga

Thursday 7th May - 6pm

Power yoga with @NatashaCornishYoga

Friday 11th May – 11am

Barre with @em_body_love

Saturday 12th May

9.30am Guided Meditation with @soulflowsally

We’re bringing you everything from barre, to power to meditation - so we hope you’ll find a style that resonates. You find all of the details on Instagram page.

To donate directly to the ICU Society here

See you on your mat.