Stand On Something That Stands For Something

Introducing our Blue Pro Mindful Mat.

The colour of the sky; expansive and limitless. As are you.

Born out of a time of chaos, we started to work on this mat when the world seemingly changed overnight. And everything we thought we knew was turned upside down and the only thing that became certain, was uncertainty.

But yoga is a powerful tool that brings us back to the here and now. One that we’ve relied up on more than ever.

fable blue pro studio mindful mat

Our mindful mat represents a story of overcoming.

A reminder that you are braver, stronger and more powerful than you ever imagined. That community and connection is powerful.

Stand on something, that stands for something: We’ll  donate 10% of profits from sales of our mindful mat to Mind – ensuring nobody should face mental health struggles alone.

We’re head over heels for blue, how about you?

Pre-order now, to receive at the end of July.