Introducing 30 Days of Fable Yoga

We're kicking off the New Year by launching our first ever 30 day yoga series. And the best news is it's completely free. So grab your yoga mat and get ready to practice with the most incredible community.

This is our way of saying thank you for all of your support this year, and in the process, giving something back to you that we hope will truly serve your mind, body and soul.

30 Days with Fable is a free 30 day mindful movement series led by Claudia Mirallegro to help you dive deep into your yoga practice and integrate it sustainably into your daily life. Download the free calendar to help you log your progress. 

We know life is busy. And we don't want to overwhelm you. That's 
why each class will be delivered into 30 minute sessions to spark your motivation and build strength in mind and body.

Using a combination of practice styles including dynamic, restorative, power, nidra and meditation - each day you will soften, strengthen, release and relearn.

The invitation is to make this practice your own. Your body and experiences are entirely unique. And so is your practice.  So let go of any judgement or expectations, and just arrive exactly as you are. Your practice, your story.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel for the daily videos. The first class will be live on 2nd January. 

See you on the mat.