Yoga on Holiday: Why You Should Pack Your Travel Mat

Today mark's the Summer Solstice. With (hopefully) more trips, travels and plans on the horizon it's easy to let your yoga practice slip. We've rounded up just a couple of the benefits of maintaining your yoga practice while you're away from home. So next time you're packing for a trip - don't forget your travel mat. 

Whether travelling for business or pleasure –  new time zones, airport hold ups, changing climates and general excitement can all throw you out of balance. Your yoga practice may not be on the top of your to-do list with a busy itinerary of activities ahead, but taking just ten minutes each day for some asana (physical yoga postures) or breathwork can have a big overall impact on how you feel. And that means getting the most enjoyment from your travels. 

Alleviate Muscle Tensions

The combination of sedentary and uncomfortable small seats on flights and trains along with carrying heavy and bulky luggage - often means we arrive at check-in with achy shoulders and/or tight muscles. But you don’t need to head straight to the spa for relief. 

Reset your body and mind with some simple yoga postures. Target post-travel aches with an extended child’s or puppy pose to release into the shoulders and upper back - you can even do it on your hotel bed! Prolonged periods of sitting (we’re looking at you long coach transfer) can leave hips feeling tight. Try ten breaths in happy baby, low lunge or butterfly pose to stretch into the hips and thighs and find a little more space in the body. 


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Regulate Your Energy Levels

Adjusting to new time zones and climates often leave us feeling fatigued in the first few days after arriving at our destination. A yoga practice can help calm the nervous system and promote feelings of relaxation to aid in better sleep. And the great news is - your practice can be catered to what you need. Looking for an energy boost? Try a few invigatorying sun salutations to get the body moving - (if you don’t have your travel mat with you, roll out your beach towel as a substitute.) Need help relaxing into a restful night’s sleep in your new surroundings? Try an online guided Yoga Nidra class or relaxation meditation. Yoga offers us the opportunity to raise or soothe our energy levels which can feel out-of sync when we break out of our usual routines. 

Find Gratitude In The Present 

It’s easy for our minds to run into overdrive when travelling - with tickets, travel times,  information, plans and bookings - there’s a lot to juggle. But mindful practices such as Yoga allow us to drastically slow down, bring ourselves back into the present moment and let go of any worry, stress, nervousness, excitement or expectation that lies ahead. Furthermore, take your practice outside into nature - be it your hotel grounds or the beach at sunrise to truly experience and connect with your new surroundings. Whether it’s a breath to movement practice or a short meditation, taking time out of your busy plans for moments of quiet reflection and focus will soothe your mind and promote a sense of peace.