5 Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day 2023 That Have Impact

Someone posed the question is International Women's Day still necessary this week? Our answer: Hell, yeah!

There is still a gender pay gap, glass ceilings still exists, female leaders are still lacking and violence against women and girls continues. 

We’ve included some suggestions of how you can celebrate today while making an impact. 

Here are 5 other suggestions of how you might wish to honour International Womens' Day and Women's History Month. 

1.Research some herstory

March is officially marked as Women’s History Month in a move to redress the balance. One of the most empowering and inspiring ways to celebrate International Women’s Day is to explore the contributions of some of the trailblazing women excluded from history. Learn their names, struggles and legacy. Amplify their voices. Share their stories.

2. Sponsor A Girl

We cannot create a gender equal world without thinking globally. In the world’s poorest areas, girls face multiple additional barriers. From being denied an education to being forced into child marriage, girls face huge obstacles that prevent them from realising their full potential. Sponsor a girl with an organisation like Stand by a Girl or Action Aid to help make a real difference in their life. 

3. Support Women in Business

Women in leadership roles are lacking, the gender pay gap remains and women are underrepresented as entrepreneurs, with less access to funding. Support women in business. Share your knowledge or skills. Mentor other women. Collaborate with women. Raise other women’s voices in the workplace. Purchase-from or share female-founded businesses. 


4. Take Political Action

Political action goes beyond marching (hello lockdown).  Sign a petition, email your local MP, start a conversation online about women’s rights or issues. When we seize our power and use our voice for those who are forgotten we can become a powerful force for change.


5. Read Female Authors 

The Feminist Library has been promoting books by women since 1975 and has a full schedule of events this month. Historically female authors haven’t been given the same prominence as men..Dedicate this month to reading books by female writers.


Ideas to listen to, read or watch this Women's History Month:

3 Books to Read:

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Taking up Space by Chelsea Kwakye, Ore Ogunbiyi

Bloody Brilliant Women by Cathy Newman

3 Movies to Watch:

Erin Brockovich

Hidden Figures

Little Women

3 Podcasts to Listen To:

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

To My Sisters with Courtney Daniella Boateng, Renée Kapuku


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